Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful for nurse Pat

Today is just a quick post as I am not feeling very well. Which is why this post is very appropriate for Thankful Thursdays. I'm so grateful that my husband has a very flexible job which allows him to work from home today so he can take care of the boys and nurse me back to health. I was hit yesterday afternoon with a terrible case of food poisoning or the flu not sure what it is. Those two hours I was home alone with the boys being sick was not pretty let me tell you. At one point I had to lock Levi in the bathroom with me, I couldn't get through changing his stinky bum so he was pant less and peeing all over the bathroom floor while I was sick and couldn't do anything about it. The minutes felt like hours and I didn't know if I was going to make it. I'm being a little dramatic but still it made me realize how lucky I am that Pat can stay home today. I wish we lived closer to my mom so she could help out but Pat is the next best thing. I'm still sick but not nearly as bad as last night. It made me wonder how do all the single moms out there do it? How can you be sick and parent? I sure hope everyone out there has someone they can rely on. It would be horrible to go through what I went through and not have someone you can count on to help out.

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