Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A cookie inspired by my love of the Magic cookie Bar

Ok so this is actually the best thing I have done in a long time!!!! Do any of you know about the magic cookie bar. Sometimes it's called the seven layer bar. Basically it is a graham cracker crust, topped with sweetened condensed milk, coconut, chopped pecans and chocolate chips. It is both my husband and I's favourite little bar. I prefer mine frozen but that's just me! We can eat these by the bucket loads, which is why I usually don't make them except at Christmas time.  Well now I have made these bars into a cookie! WHAT!!!!! I'm serious, a Magic Cookie!

 I was inspired by this recipe on Kristi's blog, Live and love out loud. I changed a few things to make it my own and it is now my favourite cookie recipe.  The coconut oil in these cookies makes them smell so delicious. When you bite into one you will feel like you are laying on a beach towel, sipping on a pina colada, basking in the warm glorious sun. These cookies might just make these last few weeks of winter manageable. You must try these cookies, they will change your life!

Because we are working with coconut oil, you need to make sure that you cool the dough before you pop the dough rounds into the oven. You have to do this because the oil melts at a faster rate then butter would and so you want it to be cooler than if you used butter.  When I'm making cookies with coconut oil, sometimes I will create the dough rounds, place them on a plate and  then place them in the freezer. You should be able to transfer the dough rounds from the plate to the cookie sheet. I do this to speed up the process, that way once one cookie sheet is done baking, I can easily just place the already cooled cookie dough balls on the cookie sheet.

If you don't have coconut oil, that's okay! Just replace with butter and you can skip the whole freezing process!

Paxton sure did enjoy these cookies too!

Oh and I almost forgot! 3 days later, these glorious cookies are still so soft and chewy! I know, I can't believe they have lasted that long! But still, now I know that they stay really soft and chewy.

Want the recipe? Of course you do! Here you go

Please, I beg you, try this recipe today! You will not be disappointed!

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  1. I want to try this as soon as I get home, those look amazing I know my husband would love these he goes crazy for chewy cookies. Can you send me a link to your pinterest? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks.

    1. Oh he will I promise you that! You can't go wrong with these cookies. My pinterest site is http://pinterest.com/riesickle/
      Thanks again!

  2. looks yummy! I want one! :)
    new follower from GFC blog hop.

    I hope you can also help me win some paper crafting tools (details on post)


    1. Thanks for joining Luanne! I will check your site out as well!

  3. All of my favorite things in one cookie?! Can't wait to give these a try!!

  4. these look Amazing! must try! I just bought coconut oil and haven't used it yet-
    visiting from foodtastic friday!

  5. Oh my! You had me at coconut oil! :)

    Thanks for linking to my cookie recipe. Have a great weekend!

  6. This looks SO good. I can't wait to try them! I'll have to go out and buy a few ingredients, but the end result looks worth it! I'm pinning the recipe!

    1. Emily, you will not be disappointed, I promise you that!