Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Monday

I made that quiche last night thinking for sure my boys were going to give it one look and then throw it at me. I was very, very, VERY surprised when both (even my non-veggie eater Levi) ate all their suppers. Ok, well Levi didn't eat it all, but I call it a victory when he doesn't spit a green veggie out. This quiche was loaded with spinach and red peppers and mushrooms. And let's not forget that it's quiche!!! I usually have a very hard time getting my boys to eat eggs. So I think this was a big success.

You might have noticed that this menu has a lot of vegetarian meals on it. Well, after the week we had last week (both Pat and I were very sick) I wasn't sure if I poisoned us or if we had the flu so I just can't stomach too much meat this week. Although, Grampa's Mac is loaded with sausage.  It's one of those comfort dishes that my family loves. I was introduced to it by my Aunt actually, not my Grandpa. My cousins call it Grandpa's Mac because their Grandpa used to make it for them. It's not a Mac n Cheese either. So this name is very deceiving. It's simply ground sausage, ragu sauce, and cheddar cheese. You cook all the items, put them together and then bake them until the sauce and cheese are all melty. (Is melty a word?) It's really good! You should give it a try on a night where you need a quick meal. It is easy to make and it's easy to go down.

 I'm excited to make the butternut squash risotto, I have a recipe for butternut squash mac n cheese that I usually make but I thought we could use a little change. I think it will be good and I hope the boys like it! It always makes me feel better when I can find a meal loaded with veggies that they will eat. I roast the butternut squash and then puree it. So it's virtually hidden so Levi won't know he's actually eating a veggie! Muuuahhhhhaaa (evil Mommy laugh)

I know the boys will love Thursdays meal, you never can go wrong with Chicken fingers and Fries. I will make my own sweet potato fries and cross my fingers Levi likes them.
Man, lately it has been so hard to get him to eat veggies. I have been going crazy trying to get them in him. With Pax we can bribe him to eat virtually anything if we have a piece of candy or chocolate dangling in front of him. But with Levi, there is no way to reason with a 15 month old.
I've started to make smoothies where I add baby spinach to them in hopes that Levi will drink that. I've had mild success with it. He like the smoothie for the first 5 sips then he rejects it. I don't like to add much juice to my smoothies and I don't think they are sweet enough for him. I like them a lot and it has helped me get my daily dose of veggies but I'm not really that concerned about myself.
If any of you out there have any suggestions on how to force veggies down my 15 month old's throat I would love to hear them!!!!

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