Thursday, March 21, 2013

Refreshing the house for spring

I LOVE TEAL! I just had to say this! Whew I'm glad I got that off my chest.  It's incorporated into my house in pretty much every room. The only room that does not have any teal in it is the bathroom. Actually that's not true, I have a teal bath mat. Ha every room in my house has teal somewhere! Anyhoooo, I have been wanting to switch things up in my house for a few months now. I first wanted to tackle the family room. It was originally light blue with teal and red accents. I love the combination of teal and red together, but lately I've been craving to lighten things up a bit. I also love the combination of grey and yellow together and I thought, "hey why not yellow, grey and teal" I have teal and yellow in my kitchen so I thought this would be a great way to have the kitchen and living room flow better. I was telling my sister this who had just recently re-done her living room. I was raving to her about how much I loved her re-upholstered chairs. SHE DID THEM HERSELF!  This girl can tackle any project she wants. She just see's something she wants and she figures out how to do it herself! She wants a new colour painted in her kitchen, BAM! It's done. She just goes out and buys the paint and tackles that project at 8 pm at night when her kiddos are in bed. I really admire that about her. I'm not like that at all. I think about a project I want, I look up a gazillion ideas, I talk about said project, and usually I don't get to it. But this time, my sister helped me out. See she had re-done her living room in the exact colours I have been dreaming about re-doing my living room and she said she had a tonne of extra fabric. She suggested we re-upholster my chair.  AWESOME! I thought that would be an amazing idea. I love the fabric she chose. It was fun, vibrant and the perfect colour combination ( a little yellow, a little grey and alot of teal).  So last week my mom and sister came up for a visit and to help me with this project. Since my sewing machine is broken my sister brought up her sewing machine and all the supplies I needed for this project as well. What a woman! She basically supplied everything I needed to refresh my living room. We realized very early that we didn't have enough fabric to re-upholster the chair (It is a very big chair) but with the combination of her fabrics and a few scraps of fabric I had in my stash we could re-cover all of my pillows. I have white furniture so basically anything matches it. I am a beginner when it comes to sewing. I don't know much and it scares me to tackle projects like this. So I was very grateful to have an expert (in fact 2 experts) there to help me. In one night and 2 bottles of wine, we were able to re-cover all my pillows. They brighten up my room so much! I just love them! I'm so lucky to have such amazing women in my life who help me and teach me to do new things. We realized after doing this little project that I didn't even need to re-paint the room! The blue I have matches perfectly! BONUS! I hate painting! And an extra bonus, my mom thinks she has enough fabric in a light blue to make curtains for my giant window! So next weekend I'm going to bring home my old curtains and hopefully we can make brand-spanking new curtains! I'm so thrilled to get this project finished. Ok well that is a lot of writing without any pictures! Sorry about that, I just had to get it all out! Wanna see what we have so far? Of course you do!!!!!

The next step in this family room project is to move that painting above my couch, paint those black frames in a glossy white, and create a gallery of frames over the couch. I will have to find a new home for that painting because I do really love it.

Thanks again to my amazing sister and fantastic mom! I'm so grateful to have you two teaching me your ways!!!! Love you!!!!!!


  1. Can we please discuss how creative and amazing YOU are!?!?!?!? Love the room! It's so airy and fresh and reminds me of summer! Might have thrown a little inspiration my way- spring cleaning list here I come!
    Love it!!! Can't wait to keep reading more!
    xo Sinead

    1. aWWW Thanks Sinead!!!! That is so nice to hear from you! I really do feel like those new pillows make the room feel so much brighter and cleaner. I can't wait to do the finishing details! Thanks for stopping by here!