Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love how my garden grows

This little strawberry just made my day today! I was in my backyard this afternoon to check on our garden when I spotted this little bundle of ruby red. It's hopefully the first of many delicious little strawberries grown from our garden. In April, Patrick and his mom worked really hard on making our gardens beautiful. Because I had just given birth, I was useless at this time, So while I was busy taking care of Paxton, Patrick and his mom worked their butts off weeding, adding mulch and planting so many beautiful plants all around my house. We are so proud of our landscaping. All around our house are beautiful plants with blossoming flowers. I love this time of year.
At the end of May Patrick and I planted our vegetable garden. We have always wanted to have one and now we have one that is thriving. When it was time to plant we went a little crazy buying different vegetable plants and herbs. I now have 14 tomato plants!!!! We will never need that many toms I'm not sure what we are going to do with all of them. I guess I will be making a lot of tomato sauce :-}
I love my little row of herbs. Since I'm obsessed with basil, we have three basil plants. I can't wait to make my own pesto! When I do I'll be sure to post pics and the recipe. I also have parsley, lemon thyme, normal thyme, mint and oregano. Next year I will have to remember to plant rosemary, I forgot about that lovely herb when we were shopping. Patrick loves boston lettuce so we have a row of that. We also are growing red,orange and green peppers, cucumbers, cherry toms, zucchini oh and of course strawberries!

I just can't wait to use these veggies in my cooking! It is going to be one healthy summer!!!!!

This is what I see every day when I go to my car! I love it - hydrangea's bring a smile to my face!

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