Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For Reals this time

So things have been so crazy this past year. I had another baby! HA! He is 13 months now. His name is Levi. He is a sweet little angel baby that I love more than words can say. Here is a picture of him.
 I know he's ADORABLE!!!

I don't write much can you tell? I actually go on this blog every SINGLE day! I don't write but I read. I read all the blogs on my "blogs I follow" list and I love them all. I want to be just like those women, writing every day and sharing all that is going on in their lives. I do, I just don't know how to schedule myself to do this.  

But here goes attempt number 3!

It's past January first so this is not a New Years' resolution, but, I'm going to try this blog thing out again. I want to do something a little new this time so I have set up a schedule of things to write about each day. So I was thinking that it will go something like this:
Menu Monday - I will post my menu plan for the week and hopefully include links to some of the recipes I will be trying out that week.
Try it Tuesday - I'm challenging you to try something new along with me. It could be a new recipe, a new DIY project, a new T.V show. Who knows
Wednesday - Not sure yet, any suggestions? Maybe Wacky Wednesday, it will just be whatever I feel like writing about that day. Unless someone out there can give me a better idea?????
Thankful Thursday - This is my favourite day of the week, I'm just going to write about what I'm thankful for this week
Photo Friday - I will share new tips on photography, whether that be on editing in  Adobe Photoshop's Lightroom, or learning new tricks on a  DSLR camera, or I will share my favourite image from that week.
Sat and Sunday are family days for me, so I most likely won't be publishing anything on those days.

These scheduled days are really just so that I can motivate myself to write something every day. I don't imagine it will be so cheesy once I get started so please bare with me! 

So here goes nothing!!!! Starting tomorrow! Hey for thankful Thursday! My favourite day of the week!

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