Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful for pushy friends (and I mean that in the nicest way!)

I am one of those really lucky people who have so many amazing people that I can call my friends. Most of my friends live far away and I don't get to see them that often but when I do it is the best of times. We laugh, we cry, we drink and we celebrate each others achievements. But that is not why I'm thankful today.

Today I'm thankful for them when they are at their pushiest. I have a few girlfriends who have pushed me to do things that I have been scared to do. They tell me I have talent and I think to myself, I'm okay but not as good as others. But the thing is, if I can't believe in myself like they do then I will never get better. So I have re-adjusted my frame of mind. I do have a little spark of talent hidden away and every day I try to light the fire. I try to learn new things, I practice on my little kiddos and I start to think to myself, "Yes I can!"

But back to the friends,  they have pushed me to follow my passions and strive for more when honestly I was too chicken to even think about it. So now here I am at the very beginning of a very exciting time in my life. I am starting something that even now when I'm writing about it I'm too scared to even write it out because change intimidates me and makes me want to crawl into a ball and rock back and forth. But here goes nothing, I'm starting a small photography business. I have started to gain a few clients and I have gotten some really good feedback, I have even gotten some new clients just from word of mouth and that excites me.


No seriously, word of mouth has done wonders for me! I don't have a facebook page for this business, I don't even have a website. (I'm working on it right now) I just have some amazing friends who have believed in me, took a risk on me and have recommended me. And now 3 weeks into 2013, I have a few clients! I owe this all to a few friends, a few who have believed in me and pushed me in the right direction.

Love you ladies! You know who you are!

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