Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Having two boys only 19 months apart, my life is constantly on the go. I'm constantly picking up toys, I'm constantly wiping runny noses, I'm constantly fixing a snack or I'm constantly playing referee between those two little monsters. Life is busy but sometimes, on my very best days, I can stop playing referee, doctor, chef, maid, etc and I can just listen to the joy.

 That is what I'm thankful for today. There is usually one moment each day that I will find my boys playing nicely with each other. Sometimes, when Paxton is feeling extra generous, he will share his cars with Levi. Sometimes they are reading books together, and recently they have been doing crafts together.

Paxton is not the craftiest person, the most I can usually get out of him is sticking stickers on a piece of paper. Last week was very unusual, Paxton asked if he could paint.

So out came the craft box with my assortment of painting supplies. I got Paxton set up with lots of paper, different sized paint brushes and a beautiful watercolour set. I showed Paxton how to dip his paintbrush in the water and then in the paint. He was happy just to mix the water in the paint. While Paxton was creating his masterpiece, Levi caught wind of what was going on and became very interested in the paints.

In the last few weeks Levi has become an avid climber. To the point where I have to hide our kitchen chairs just to stop him from climbing onto the kitchen table. So before I knew it, Levi was standing on a chair begging to be included in the painting party. 

So I set Levi up with some paper and a paintbrush. Levi didn't really care to paint he just enjoyed dipping his paintbrush in the water and then putting the paintbrush in his mouth. I did manage to catch him painting with some water!

 Both boys sat and painted for a good 20 minutes. That might not seem like very long but if you have little boys I'm sure you understand how BIG this was. It was long enough for me to snap a few pics and I just loved seeing the joy on Levi's face as he got to participate in his big brothers painting party.

It is days like this that make me so thankful to be their momma. I can't even describe how much pleasure I get watching them grow up together. I can't wait to see what the future has in store with these amazing little boys. I am so grateful that I can be their momma and help them grow into decent, kind, respectful young men.


  1. I love the painting party your boys had! It looks like it was such a precious time!

  2. Thanks Susannah! We had such a blast that day!