Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I LOVE Wednesdays

We had this soup for the 20th time this winter. Just can't get enough of it. When we have soup I just have to have bread and this bread recipe, from Chef in Training, is great! It is so easy and quick!

Loving this new T.V show, The Following. OMG! If you love scary movies this show is the show for you. If you are my husband and you literally curl in a ball in fear watching scary movies, this is not the show for you. He hates that I make him watch it with me. I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies/shows.  I literally get anxious watching this show. I actually screamed out loud last night watching it! IT'S AWESOME!

I really really really want to do this workshop! But it costs a lot of money! I'm saving my pennies and I hope I will get enough saved in time before it sells out. I doubt it, seeing as she is amazing! But I will keep my fingers crossed!

I would also love love LOVE to go to this Craft weekend! I have been following Meg's blog, WHATEVER, for two years now and I always love her style. She is a breath of fresh air, she is so very talented and she seems genuinely like a great person. You should check out her pics of her house, they are GORGEOUS! I want everything in that house. Maybe one day I will get to go to one of her craft weekends. They are insanely popular and almost impossible to get to. They are so popular you have to go on a wait list and your name is put in a draw each month. It's like winning the lottery!!!

I love that when I'm sitting cross legged on the floor with Paxton, he crawls into my lap and calls it the baby nest.  I hope he never stops saying cute things!

I love that Levi scrunches his nose every time he eats something he really enjoys.

What are you loving lately?

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