Friday, February 22, 2013

Capturing a cake smash

After university I worked at the YMCA for a number of years. I worked in the pre-school room where I met an amazing girl named Sara. Sara and I took care of 16 two and half year olds every day for two years. Now let me tell you, taking care of that many toddlers in a relatively small room together day after day does something to you. We created a huge bond and even now, years later,  we still keep in touch. Now, we live pretty far away from each other so it is hard to stay as close as we were but every year we get together and catch up. We have both become moms and we have both chosen to stay at home with our kiddos.  Sara has the most adorable chubby cheeked little boy with the biggest blue eyes on this planet! They are gorgeous!!!

This week I had the pleasure of shooting his cake smash as he will be turning One in March!

For those of you who don't know, a cake smash is a tradition some of us take part in when our kiddos turn one.  We get a cake and we take pictures of our one year old smashing the cake and eating it.  I'm not sure where this tradition started but it's pretty darn cute watching a teeny tiny person smashing the cake. You can usually get some pretty cute shots.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites from this session.

 See I wasn't kidding about the gorgeous blue eyes! I didn't even have to enhance them, they are just that blue people!!! It's crazy!

Haha, this was so cute! As soon as we placed the cake in front of him his mouth was attached to it! I think he enjoyed my icing!

Man those eyes are going to make this little one a heart breaker later in life!

I think he was getting a little bit full at this point

 I just love cute little toes covered in cake!

I had such a fun time capturing this special moment for my dear friend. Thanks again Sara! I hope Mr. G didn't have too bad of a belly ache after all that cake ;)


  1. This is adorable, and that last pic...priceless!

    1. I know right??? He kills me! Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Ah! What a cute little chunk!

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