Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Monday

 It's a pretty simple menu this week!

The Bolognese Sauce I made this summer with my garden tomatoes so it is already prepared, I just have to thaw it out.
The Tacos I make in my crock pot. I just throw a hunk of meat in there, cover it with taco seasoning, and then add a little beef broth. Then I let it simmer for a good 6 hours and then BAM, the meat is tender and falls apart with a little nudge from my forks. These tacos are awesome and it usually makes way more meat than we know what to do with. So sometimes I just put the meat back in the freezer until next time we need to put shredded meat in something. You could also, easily do this with chicken. Just do everything you did with the beef but use chicken instead.
The Hamburger Soup is my mom's recipe and it's comfort food at it's best. I will share it with you on Tuesday.
The broccoli, cheddar, chicken and tater tot casserole is a recipe I came up with when I saw all these soup based casserole recipes all over pinterest. I loved the idea of them but I hated the idea of using those canned soups. So I came up with a base made with milk, flour, butter and a bunch of seasonings. I use this base for many of my casseroles. Perhaps this is what I should share on Tuesday! What would you rather hear about, Hamburger soup or this casserole?

What are you eating this week? Anything good I should try????


  1. Post both! I'm in need of new recipes. I'm making chicken pot pie and coconut chicken this week. Maybe I'll try posting a recipe even though I'm not much of a food blogger :).

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    1. oooh those sound delish! I have recipes for both of those but I always like new renditions. You should post about one of those recipes. I think this week I will do Hamburger Soup and next week I will do the casserole since I don't have pictures of it yet.