Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Bunting Banner D.i.Y

I know today is Friday and I usually like to talk about photography but seeing as Valentine's Day is next week I thought I would share this cute little D.i.Y project that I originally found at a blog called Simple as That. She did it for Christmas.

 As I mentioned before I might not appreciate the entire concept behind Valentine's Day, however; I do love to have an excuse to make a new bunting banner. In fact, I love having an excuse to switch up the decorations in my home throughout the year. So for Valentine's Day I have kept it pretty simple. I just decorated my t.v stand (I pretend it is my mantle since we don't have a fireplace)  and I added this new bunting banner to my mirror on the side table.

I just put up things that remind me of love: my favourite wedding photo of me and the hubs, my boys, turquiose candles (my favourite colour) and flowers. By the way if you are loving that printable in the large frame I found it here.  

Do you want to make some bunting banners? Silly me OF COURSE YOU DO! This is what you need:

1. an old book you can rip pages out of
2. some pretty scrap book paper
3. glue or modge podge
4. twine or ribbon
5. glitter glue and loose glitter
6. washi tape

The first thing you will want to do is cut out the flags.  You can choose to make your flags any shape (triangle, rounded, or like how I did mine)

Then you will cut out your hearts. I cut my scrapbook paper into squares of 4" x 4", then I folded them in half and free hand cut out half a heart. Once you unfold your paper you have a whole heart. I'm sure all of us has done this in elementary school.

Then I glued the heart into the center of my flags

I decorated the hearts with glitter glue, this is where you can get creative.

I also embellished the flags with a little washi tape

After that, it's just a matter of attaching your flags to your twine. I simply just taped them on but you could punch two holes at the top of your flags and thread the twine through the holes too.

And that my friends is it! Easy right!

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  1. Show and Tell Saturday is LIVE at Sassy Little Lady! I’d love to have you come join the party!


  2. This is super cute! Love it!!! Xoxoxo happy valentines day!!!

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you too! Maybe your little bundle will be an early gift to you! Well maybe that's too early?

  4. Love love love buntings! This one is adorable- I love the old book pages look! :)

    xo Michelle @ The Gluten Free Wife>