Friday, March 8, 2013

MCP freebies

For any of my followers that use Lightroom this post is for you. If you are using Lightroom to edit your photos then you already know that it has some amazing capabilities. One of my favourite features about Lightroom are the presets you can purchase or acquire to help enhance your photos. Basically a preset is a tool that allows you to automate your workflow as well as help you create really creative effects to your images. If you are on Instagram then you already have used presets when you create creative effects to your pictures. It's just like that.

What is great about Lightroom is that you have many options for acquiring presets. You can create your own, you can purchase them from different vendors and you can find them for free if you do your research. Just by google-ing presets I found this website that provides you with links to 100 free Lightroom Presets.

One of the vendors I have found in my research have become one of my favourite vendors for presets and they offer some great free mini packages as well. These free presets have become some of my favourite presets to use in my workflow.
MCP Actions is a company that creates not only presets for Lightroom but Actions for Photoshop. (Actions are the same thing as presets). If you use Lightroom to edit your photos I highly suggest you check them out. Oh and by the way these opinions are strictly my own. I'm not working for them I just think they are a great company. I mainly think that because they have given me some great presets and I didn't have to pay a cent. Eventually I want to purchase some of their presets but for now I'm happy with the ones they have given me.  Now, I thought it would be fun to show you exactly what you can do with these presets. It takes no time at all, just a few clicks of my mouse and presto a whole new look to my pictures.
The first picture is great I love the expression on her face but it was way too dark . A few clicks and an adjustment to the angle and presto a beautiful picture.

I also sharpened this picture by 75%.
But you can see with just a few clicks I was able to drastically improve this picture.
I also have to tell you that I only shoot in RAW so that I can have way more control over the information in my pictures. When you edit RAW pictures you have more metadata and so therefore, you have more aspects you can control. If you are not shooting in RAW, I highly suggest you start.

Any of you out there using Lightroom? If so what presets do you use?


  1. Hello there I found your blog from visiting moments with Bri, where you commented about a meal plan(I am going to check that out on pinterest). I am also a photographer and I also follow ashleyannphotography's blog. We already have a few things in common. I love this post about lightroom and I have subscribed to you. SO happy to have found you in blog land.


  2. Hello I cannot find your pinterest link. Can you send that to me. Thanks.

  3. Hi Charity, yes it does sound like we have some stuff in common. That Ashley Ann, man what a woman. Her blog makes me cry all the time. The link to my photography board is this: You can find the link to the new MCP freebie actions there. But thanks for bringing that to my attention. I am going to include that link here on the blog as well.