Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm obsessing over this week

I'm going crazy this week with the smoothies. I am determined to find the perfect smoothie that both my boys will love and accept. I'm hoping this one is the winner. You can find the recipe here.

Ever since one of my girlfriends posted a picture of the pretzel bun her husband  baked (YES he baked it for her!!!!) I have been obsessing over one. I want to make them and dip them in a combination of mustard and cheese sauce. I know it sounds gross but trust me, it is the bomb! I think I will try this recipe if my gf doesn't hand over her hubbies recipe soon.

(Picture taken from Smells Like Home blog)
 Doesn't that look amazing!!! Frick I want one!

I'm going nutty over my Lightroom presets. I want to buy a whole bunch of them. I think my next purchase will be this one from MPC.

I think I need to also buy this tutorial. It's a great little tutorial on using Lightroom. It's a take on how one photographer edits her photos. I really like her work. It's very crisp and popp-y. (I don't think thats a word but it's how I need to describe it.) Anyhooo, I think it would be a good tool to have under my belt.  

Speaking of photography, I am feeling very blessed right now! I just had another amazing referral. If this keeps up I just might have to create a little Facebook business page. So now I need to figure out a name for my little business. I can't do AnnMarie Denis Photography it's way to long and windy.   What do you think of Work of Heart Photography? I'm also liking Glow Photography or 1 Thirteen Photography.  - Just so you know, 1 Thirteen photography is a play on my address, where it all began. That is why I'm thinking of that.

I'm also loving all my new followers! Welcome! I know it doesn't seem like much but I just started this out and I am so excited you enjoy reading about my daily exploits!!!! It's so much fun meeting everyone from all around!

What are you loving this week anything I should try?


  1. um... that pretzel bun really does look amazing... now I want one! I like the sound of "1 thirteen", it sounds more professional (but that's just my opnion) :)

    1. Yes I think you are right too! and since I'm still working on my niche I don't want to limit myself to babies and kids so I think 1 thirteen would a good name. Now to find a vendor who creates really nice looking website designs!