Monday, April 22, 2013

A letter to Paxton - warning: super long cheesy post with lots of pictures

Dear Pax to the Max,

When I was pregnant with you, and Papa and I were trying to figure out a good name for you, one of our conditions was that this name had a good nickname to go with it. Little did we know that when naming you we were also giving you a name to match your disposition. Pax to the Max is a very clear description of you. Everything you do is full force! You love full force, you laugh full force, you play full force and you run at full force. When you smile it's ALWAYS a megawatt smile. It's gorgeous! You always give everything your best try. This is one of the many things I love about you.

 3 years ago today you gave me the best gift anyone could give me. You made me a mommy! Since I was a little girl all I have ever wanted to be is that. I never knew what it took to be one but I'm glad it is you that is teaching me how to be the best, most nurturing mother I can be. It still shocks me that it has already been 3 years since you came bursting into our lives. And let me tell you that is exactly how you entered this world! We almost didn't make it to the hospital! You were early and you were fast. Looking back at everything on that day, it makes perfect sense. You are Pax to the Max, you don't do anything at slow speed.

 (Photo Cred: Kelly Gemmell Photography)

(Photo cred: Kelly Gemmell Photography)

As a baby you were pretty easy going. You started sleeping through the night at 4 months. You were also eating solids at 4 months. And speaking of eating, if you were hungry, oh boy, you let us know! That was one thing that we noticed right away, you had a good set of lungs on you! You started crawling at 8 months and running at 10 months. Once you started to run (and I mean run, not walk) you never stopped.

 As a toddler, you started chattering away pretty early on. By the time you were two you were speaking in full sentences.  It is also around this time that you started a love affair with cars. Actually, I take that back, looking back on these pictures, your love of cars started around 15 months.

 (when you first discovered dinky cars: at the Hesler Cottage - 15 months old)
 (xmas, 2011)

 (summer of 2012)
 (March, 2013)

 Cars cars cars, that is all you ever wanted to play with and to this day it is still the only thing you really focus and play with.  We find cars everywhere, in my shoes, on the counter, under the table, beside the t.v., under your pillow, under MY pillow. You leave them around everywhere. You just love your cars. Maybe one day you will work with cars. Who knows?! Another love affair you have is with shoes. It's amazing, if I put a bin of your shoes out, I can guarantee you will be busy for a good 1/2 hour. You just love to try on shoes. Your shoes, my shoes, Papa's shoes, anyone who comes to our houses' shoes. I'm finding shoes everywhere in our house. It drives me crazy! Cars, shoes and planets. Planets are the last obsession you have. You are starting to grow out of this phase but for a long time you were obsessed with everything space, but especially the planets. You could tell us everything about them. Which one is the biggest, which one was the smallest, which one was the hottest etc... I could go on. It was a lot of fun learning along with you about space and the planets in our universe.

Now you are no longer considered a toddler you are a little boy.  A little boy that loves his cars and shoes.  You have the greatest laugh and the best smile. You are sneaky! You love your candy and you are what we call the suckie police. You are always on Levi when he is with his suckie. It drives you nuts that he gets a suckie and you don't so you make sure that when you are around, Levi is suckie-less. You love to watch The Backyardigans. Your favourite food next to candy, is veggies. You always eat your veggies first (another great quality about you). You are such a good eater, although it is very hard for you to eat a meal. It takes too much effort to sit still long enough to eat a full meal. You would much rather snack on the go. Your favourite colour is Purple and most recently Orange. Your best friends are Levi (forced by mom & papa), Chloe, Kenadee, Chantal and you adore your cousins. You love to have dance parties, build forts and watch movies.

You are the greatest little boy. You are so full of life and joy and we are so excited that you are a 3 year old. Good bye terrible two's (which were not that terrible at all)! We can't wait to see what adventures you get into this year!

We love you so much

xoxo Mommy, Papa & Levi

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