Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh the Hair!!!!!

I recently started creating a photo album for Paxton online with "My publisher". This is one of those sites where you can design and create photo albums online and then they will print them and mail a copy off to you. I recently saw "my publisher" on www.ashleyannphotography.com - one of the awesome blogs I follow, and I was inspired to start one for Paxton. I think it would be great for him to have a book that he can look through and where I don't have to worry about him ruining the pictures. I of course also print and keep pictures for him in an album but those pictures are sacred so therefore he cannot spend long afternoons looking through this album. Long story short, I saw, got inspired and started going through his pictures. You may be wondering where I'm going with this and now I will get to that. As I was going through Paxton's pictures, I realized this kid has had some crazy hair experiences. He was born with tonnes then lost a whole lot of it, where he went through a funny looking phase and he now has gone back to the lots of hair phase! So much so, I'm contemplating taking him for his first hair cut. My husband thinks I'm crazy, he doesn't understand that I must make a big deal about Paxton's first hair cut. He thinks I should just get out some scissors and snip away! HECK NO! First of all I would probably screw it up and then Paxton would be back to the crazy hair phase. And you know I'm going to need to have the camera out documenting every single second of that first hair cut experience. So with that said, the first hair cut is coming soon but until then (I'm waiting for his 1st birthday photoshoot coming in March) lets look down memory lane at some of Paxton's great hair days!



9 days old - Lots of beautiful fluffy hair

31/2 months old - As you can see it has totally lightened up and it's getting much thinner

the best one is next

5 months - Oh how I love you! Look at those big blue eyes smiling at me! He wore a lot of hats at this stage.

And then it started to come back...

6 months - monkey chomping on a monkey! But look his beautiful fluffy hair is back

And now it is back with a vengance

My little lovely 9 1/2 months old! and yes those are some nice pearly whites you see! And he has four coming in at the top!

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