Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stop Growing!!! I beg you!

In just over a month my little monkey will be a ONE YEAR OLD! I will be hiding in my room and locking the door and avoiding anyone who even mentions his birthday! I do not want this little guy to grow up!!! Waaaaaaaaaa! But none the less, no matter how much I avoid it I know it is going to happen! So if I can't avoid it or deny it, then I guess I will make a huge deal about it! I am starting to plan his party and I'm so excited about it! It's a sock monkey theme!!!!! Recently I helped a really good friend make her daughter's birthday decorations and I think they turned out awesome! I'm going to be using my Silhouette (for those of you not into scrapbooking, it's a die cutting machine) to make his bday banner, signs, streamers, cupcake toppers and a few more things. As soon as I start really planning I will post more about the decorations. Today is Paxton's cake smash photo session I'm so excited for this! We are pretending that he is 12 months today for the sake of the pictures. (I needed them ready for his actual bday so I had to do them a month early. He will never know!) I think today is going to be really fun and I can't wait to post pics!

As I finish up writing this I turn around and this is what the little monkey is up to! He is crazy!!!! Oh and he's walking so I'm really busy now!


Rie Rie

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