Thursday, February 14, 2013


We made these this morning. They were delish!

You can't go wrong with Strawberry pancakes stuffed with Nutella! I loved how the pancakes were dyed naturally just with the juices from the strawberries.

We are not doing too much for V day today I'm just going to spend some good ol quality time with my boys and be grateful that I get to do this all the time. We went to the YMCA this morning to go swimming, that's a favourite at our house. We hung out with one of Pax's besties.

 He is always the happiest when he is hanging with his friends.
 The pool must have been way too exciting because both boys fell asleep in the car. They are so cute when they are sleeping.

Pax woke up as soon as I took him out of the car so we enjoyed leftover soup for lunch.

 mmmmm sooooo good

Then  Pax and I  made some cookies while Levi had his nap.

 Shame! I know! NO homemade valentines cookies for this gal! I just didn't have enough time today :( We had to leave for a dr. appt after Levi woke up from his nap and there was just no way we could do a homemade batch today. I don't think Pax minded at all!

Last night the hubs surprised me with a ginormous gift! A brand new all in one Asus with a 23 inch touch screen, that's a crazy ass computer people. This baby is the bomb. I have no clue how to use it yet so I might not be as consistent in the next few days with my posts. I hope to be, but we are extremely busy right now and life is crazy and now I have a new toy to play with! 

Hope you all had a great day today!


  1. Those pancakes look amazing!!! Did you just use a cookie cutter to make them heart shaped? Sounds like you had an amazing V-day!

  2. Yes we just used some cookie cutters to cut out the heart shapes. We had a great Vday! HOpe you had a good love day too!