Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful for days off

You my bloggy friends are amazing. Have I told you that yet? It's true! I don't know how you do it I really don't. How do you get everything done around the house, organize awesome blog posts, spend time with your kids, do amazing diy's and post everyday? How do you do it? I am just getting back into this blogging thing and I have to admit it can be pretty addictive. The thing that I am struggling with is how to structure my days to get everything done. Yesterday I took a day off just to spend some much needed time with my boys and with myself. It was a great day!  My oldest goes to school part time in the mornings so yesterday, while he was at school, I went to the gym and had my butt kicked at a class. It was hard but it was sooooo good to work out! I'm hurting today but this kind of pain is the good kind. It tells me that I'm working out muscles that have not seen much action in a long time!

After class, I picked up Paxton and headed back to the YMCA to go swimming. Our YMCA in our home town is great because it has open swim almost everyday of the week and it has a great shallow pool for me to take the boys swimming in. It's warm too! So I put Paxton in his water wings and I held Levi! It was a great time! Paxton loves to swim and so does Levi. I have been feeling guilty lately because when Paxton was a baby I did so many activities with him. I did baby yoga, I took him swimming all the time, I did baby message and I went to a variety of music classes with him. With Levi, it's been much harder to balance a time to take him to classes and take care of Paxton.  The YMCA makes me feel a bit better because at least we can go swimming all together now. The Y also has a great program where I can leave Paxton in a class and take Levi to go swimming. So once Paxton is 3 I will start to do that and get some one on one time with Levi.

Anyhoo, after the Y the boys were pretty wiped so Pax got to watch a movie with me and relax while Levi had a nice long sleep. While we were watching the movie (Finding Nemo, Pax's favourite right now), I worked on a new DIY project for Valentines Day. Here is a sneak peak:

I will give you a hint, it involves tearing apart an old book, cutting out hearts, and twine! I'm hoping it turns out awesome! 

Ignore the giant Rubbermaid bin, that's Paxton's sensory bin! I will post about that another day!

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!


  1. That looks super fun! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    I know what you mean about wondering how everyone else gets it all done and has it all together. There are so many days that blogging is just an extra-long nap or staying up later when I'm already really exhausted. Working out - now there's something I'm not good at finding the time for!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It's great to "meet" you and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm going to reveal the final product!

  3. I have to tell you, that I loved reading this blog post. I'm new to the blogging world and I'm absolutely blown away by how amazingly talented so many bloggers are and I too can't understand how they have time to balance everything. Maybe you just have to figure out what sort of balance you want to create in your life. I think it's really wonderful that you took the day off to be with your boys and to have some gym time for yourself (I'm all about that). One thing I've realized is that while this whole blogging thing is extremely addictive and a fun creative outlet, the days and moments that I'm going to look back on and cherish are those spent with my son and husband (with my phone and computer turned off).

    1. Sam, that is so nice to hear! I really appreciate your sweet comment. I agree with you about the moments I will remember, they will be the times I am with my family, not sitting at the computer documenting those times. Thanks for stopping by! I started following you via email, I will be looking forward to seeing what you have in store this week!