Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Loving a little quality time

 Yesterday, I didn't clean the dishes after lunch, I didn't do the laundry that is PILING up in my laundry room. I didn't make the beds. I didn't vacuum and wash the floors, that are now covered in sprinkles. No, I didn't do any of that, instead, I baked and decorated Easter cookies with Paxton. Levi was having a super duper long nap and since I had extra sugar cookie dough from this weekend (more on that tomorrow) it was easy for us to whip up a batch of cookies. We just rolled the dough out. Pax helped cut the shapes out and then it was time to bake. Paxton as usual was very excited to eat the cookies. I had to explain about 20 times that first we bake the cookies, then we let cookies cool, then we need to decorate the cookies AND then we can eat a cookie. He also really likes to decorate the cookies.

Life is always so go go go, there is so much to do on an everyday basis and sometimes I forget that my kids need me to just be with them. Sometimes I fear that Paxton will look back on his childhood and only remember me telling him no, and getting upset when he takes toys from his brother, and telling him to calm down. Having a very energetic little boy means that our days are filled with a lot of that.
Can I blame him? Sometimes it's hard to be calm when life is just so darn exciting. I really, truly love that about Paxton and I try very hard not to ever crush his spirit. I hope he is always so excited about life.

So yesterday was about just being present with him. I just wanted to spend some one on one time with him and it felt so good. We had a lot of fun decorating the cookies and Paxton even learned some self control. He learned he couldn't put his fingers in his mouth every time they got sprinkles on them. He did great! It was really tempting, but he remembered to wipe his hands on a towel. I was really proud of him for that. Lol, it's the little things that make my heart swell with pride!

Levi also got to enjoy the cookies, he woke up to a giant sprinkle cookie made by Paxton. He was thrilled!

 (Levi, just wanted the icing, I let him have the last scoop of leftover icing, it was his favourite part)

We had a lot of cookies, so after Levi woke up we decided to surprise Papa at work with a tray full of decorated sprinkle cookies. His co-workers were very grateful for the interruption. We were happy to see Papa!

I continued to spend quality time with the boys and decided to ignore the dishes. Papa was just happy we had a good day and was more than happy to clean up our mess. ;) Okay well that's not entirely true!

It was a good day :)


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I linked up on your blog hop! I actually linked a tutorial I did a few weeks back that I think others might enjoy!

  2. Oh wow, those look delicious! And this is a super sweet post, it sounds like y'all had a lot of fun :)