Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful for our friends

My hubby and I have the best-est friends. We are truly lucky to have the people we do in our lives. It sounds so cliche but it's true, they are there for us for the good and they are there for us for the bad. We are not the most popular couple. We are not out every night with a new group of friends. We are homebodies. We are often spending our nights at home lounging on the couch. But when we do hang out with friends we are surrounded by people who truly love us and care for us. And so today, I'm thankful for our amazing taste in friends. 

I have had the same best friend since I was in grade six! I don't know how many people out there can say that but I feel so truly blessed that she has stuck by me through everything. She has been there for me after my first real heartbreak. She was there when we graduated high school. We went to two different universities and we still managed to stay close through those very trying years. We don't talk to each other everyday. Heck in our university years we would go months between gab sessions. But when we did get together, we just fell back into our regular banter/routine with one another.  She stood up with me when I got married. She was there to listen to all my rants and raves throughout the wedding planning process. She celebrated my love for Patrick and she did this with so much enthusiasm and love! She was one of the first to come and visit when i gave birth to my firstborn and she spoils my little boys.

And the same goes for me, I have been there for her throughout everything, heartbreak, true love, weddings, and now I get to watch her grow into a beautiful mother as she recently had a little boy! I think it's amazing that we have been able to have such a close bond that just seems timeless! I feel so blessed to have you in my life!!!!! Love you T!

I can thank Patrick for my other friends.  Patrick has an amazing support system and over the years his support system has become mine. I can't even call them friends, they are more like family to me. First off there is Matt and Ash.

 I remember meeting Matt & Ash almost 10 years ago and right off the bat we got along so well. Over the years we have developed a friendship that can't be broken. We  spend almost all of our free time together and that says a lot seeing as we live an hour and a half apart from each other. If we both have a free weekend, you can almost guarantee we are spending it together.  It is an effort I am happy to put out because they mean the world to me.

 (Our first of many annual camping trips: before we had kids)
 They love my children like they are their own  I still remember when Paxton had his febrile seizure and Ash was ready to hop in the car and drive almost two hours just to be with me in the hospital. It meant so much to me that she was so concerned for my baby. Not to mention they are Levi's godparents. Matt and Levi have this crazy weird bond. It can't be explained. Levi usually shy's away from everyone! Especially men, but when it comes to Matt, Levi is the biggest snuggly bear. He just loves Matt!

 We adore their little girl! Ken and Pax get along so well, we can't wait to watch those two grow up together. They are expecting baby number 2 and we couldn't be more excited for them. This past weekend we celebrated Easter with them. We got out the Easter egg dye and we had a good ol time dying eggs with our kids. 

Once the kids are in bed we always get out the cards. This might sound lame, and I don't care because we love a good Canasta game with these two! We actually look forward to putting the kiddos to bed just to get out the cards and  play canasta. Don't knock it until you try it my friends. It's awesome! We have the best time when we are together. It is almost inevitable that at some point we will be laughing until we cry. We have so much fun together!

(Laughing till I cry: When the vain in my forehead pops out like this, you know we are having the best time!)
We often joke that Ash and I are "two bodies, one mind" we are so alike in so many ways. We are both creative, energetic, sarcastic (she more than me) and we both have very similar views on most things. We can often finish one another sentences. We are often trying to figure out how we can live closer together because we would do so much if we didn't have the miles between us. It makes me sad sometimes that they are so far away from me.
 Thank God for unlimited texting!!!!! We often have hour long text sessions. It makes me feel so much closer to Ash!  Sometimes I will get a random text from Ash, she will just tell me how much she misses me! I love that girl. She is the best-est friend a girl could have! Ahhh I love you!!!!!!

 (old camera, bad pic quality, sorry)

And then there is my Julie! She may be the last one on this list today, but she certainly is not least. She is another friend I stole from Pat! LOL! Matt, Pat, Rich and Julie all went to high school together and so when I started dating Patrick, I met all of them. I remember how soon Julie and I formed a bond. The two bottles of wine may have had something to do with it, but it was never broken. We had an instant connection.  Julie and I to this day still bond over a nice bottle here and there.

 Rich, Julie and their two kiddos live here in the same town as Patrick and I. Julie is my bestie  here who I can always count on for everything. She is my biggest cheering squad. She believes in me so much and she is always pushing me to do things I may be scared to do. It means so much to me that she so strongly believes in me.

 She has seen me in my most vulnerable time, she was there holding my hand as I gave birth to Levi and she wants to do it again if and when I have another one. This is so meaningful to me. Words can't even describe it.  Both of our families live far away so it's great that we can be here for one another whenever we need it. Our children will be growing up together, going to the same school together and celebrating everything together.

It makes me so happy to know we have them in our lives.

Julie and I are often mistaken for sisters. It has happened so much that we don't even deny it anymore. And to be honest with you, she is a sister to me. We may not be blood related but we definitely are family. Love you Julie!!!!!!

Wow! What a long post today! I wasn't expecting that. I guess I should stop for now. These are not the only ppl I charish in my lives just the the ones that came to mind today. Hopefully next week I will be able to share some more with you.  Tomorrow I'm off to my parents house so there will be no photog friday this week. 

Have a fantastic Easter Weekend!!!!



  1. Wow Annmarie, your an amazing writer! Reading this gave me goosebumps! Very heartfelt!


  2. Great pictures! it is great to have close friends to depend on! We play phase 10 with our neighbors once their son goes to bed, we love playing cards! Thanks for linking up to Talkin’ About Thursday link party. I hope you will come back this week too!