Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu Monday

 It's funny how life is! This weeks menu was inspired by someone who was inspired by me. LOL!  See my sister in law told me this past weekend that she has been making some of the meals I have been posting. Which is awesome by the way! I love that I can help someone get some new meals on the table. I love trying new things and I love it when I hear about what others are trying out. So anyhow, she was saying that her family loves this slow cooker chicken dish I featured on one of my posts. I laughed because it was one of the recipes I had written about wanting to try but I have never gotten around to trying it. So I was so happy she tried it because she said it's a huge hit with the family. So long story short, tonight we are having the Santa Fe Chicken. I found it here and since it has good reviews I'm looking forward to supper tonight.

Tomorrow I will be featuring PW's beef stew because it really is that good! It's the best stew recipe I have found and let me tell you, I have been trying different Stew recipes for years. My hubs is not the biggest fan of stew, I don't get it, I thought all men loved stew? But, he really does like this recipe and since stew is one of my favourite comfort foods I'm happy I found a recipe he likes.

The sausage, spinach  and tortellini crock pot recipe is a winner! I love it and it is soooo easy! If you want to try it, and you should, you can find the recipe here. I love it because my boys love it and they have no problems eating the spinach in it. I would also shred a zuchinni in it to add some extra veg, the boys don't even notice it.

And I'm excited to try this Red Thai Chicken Curry recipe.  When the hubs and I lived in Toronto we would always go to a little Thai restaurant that made the best Thai dishes. I miss that place so much :( My order was always the same, Thai Islamic Noodle and it was sooo good. I'm hoping this recipe is similar to that dish. I think Pat will be excited for this dish too, he is always asking for more curry dishes.

What are you having this week? Anything I should try?


  1. Hey AnnMarie, it was the Crock pot creamy black bean salsa chicken recipe that I was talking about. Although I am curious about the Santa Fe recipe too. Let me know how that one is.

    1. It was really good! You should try that one too!